About Us - Mike Field Last Layer Cubing

Welcome to Last Layer

Last Layer is a speed cube clothing company and accessories brand, based on the idea that speed cube clothing doesn’t have to shout and scream to be heard.


The designs are intended to be simple, subtle, stylish, but most of all, a little bit covert. It’s time for us to do better than melting cubes or “eat, sleep, cube, repeat”. This is about letting people in the game know that you’re there too. If you know, then you know; it’s like that.


Last Layer was created by Mike Field, a speedcuber and owner of Speedcube.co.nz, a cube store in New Zealand.


The driving value of Speedcube.co.nz is honesty, and it’s here at Last Layer too. That’s why we’re open about the fact that our items are printed on demand, and you shouldn’t expect to see them the next day. There is no scam here. We are as clear as possible about our shipping times, and if you see anything misleading then please let me know asap.


I love speedcubing and the incredible communities, friendships and stories it builds. Last Layer is created in honour of our amazing hobby.


From the bottom of the world,


Last Layer and Speedcube.co.nz ❤️